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In a time when the hardcore scene has been confined to breakdowns and guitar squeals, and fashion has seemed to become more important than ideas and music, The Blue Letter challenges stereotypes and genre boundaries with explosive textured soundscapes. Their music is passionate and dynamic, layered with hoarse screamy vocals and soft interludes.
Having recently relocated from Sacramento, California to Richmond, Virginia, With Every Breath Like A Sunset serves as a transition for The Blue Letter from old to new. Compiling eight songs spanning all The Blue Letter's hard to find independent releases prior to the powerful Blood & Ink debut album Prima Facie. With Every Breath Like A Sunset features tracks from splits (alongside Me And Him Call It Us and others) and EPs, most of which were previously only available on vinyl or long out-of-print limited CDs. Capturing a wide cross section of the band's evolution, With Every Breath Like A Sunset ventures from short, spastic material originally released in 2003 through to more epic, sprawling compositions released in 2007. With a new chapter soon to be written, The Blue Letter offer this nostalgic look back on the past 6 years.
"This isn't the place to find some pretentiously prolific statement. We're not here to create some ambiguous controversy. Art is important to us. Music, and the ideas and messages we can all choose to convey through this medium, is a powerful tool. It's not about fashion or status. Challenge each other. Encourage one another. Be passionate about what you are doing. Be a message!"

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Album Title Year Label
Prima Facie2007Blood & Ink Records
With Every Breath Like A Sunset2009Blood & Ink Records





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