The Burial


Deathcore,Black Metal,Doom Metal

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From South Bend, IN comes a band fervent in their ministry and unequivocal in their message.

The Burial have been making a name for themselves in the midwest and beyond since 2005. After several DIY tours and a release on Sancrosanct Records, The Burial are poised for solid growth with their Strike First debut The Winepress. The Burial plays finely executed metal inspired by Becoming the Archetype, Black Dahlia Murder, and Living Sacrifice, and they’re not inhibited about the substance of their music.

“There is a war for your mind and soul, whether you believe or not; an enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy you. At the heart of our music is the worship of a Holy God, and a call to aggressive spiritual warfare.”

In 2009, the band had a major transition, losing and replacing many of the original members.

In 2010, The Burial announced that they had signed with Facedown records imprint Strike First records, and in 2012 the band then released their third full-length on Facedown Records

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Album Title Year Label
Age of Deceit EP2009Sancrosanct Records
The Winepress2010Strike First Records
Lights & Perfections2012Facedown Records



South Bend


United States

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Facedown Records

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