The Ember Days

Praise, Worship & Hymns

Progressive,Indie,Atmospheric Rock

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What is your response to love? How does hope take shape? How are victories celebrated and pain catalyzed?

For The Ember Days the answer is worship. From the early days spent crafting the voice of their unique sound, the band’s evolution has always been compelled by their mission to connect listeners to their maker.

Formed in 2006 and spearheaded by Jason and Janell Belcher, The Ember Days began as an attempt to explore worship music in its fullest sense – passion and devotion, spoken through their widespread musical influences to a new generation of worshipers. Their debut album Your Eyes Light Up was captivating in it’s emotional movements, seamlessly weaving the heavy with the ambient, the driving and the melodic, their eyes and hearts directed upwards throughout.

For The Ember Days, the mission is simple; “We are five people that passionately love God, we love people, we want to speak the truth and see the body of Christ united. We play songs that reflect that and we try to bring the presence of God to anyone who listens” – a sentiment that has echoed with many, garnering them a large following of like-minded worshipers and seeing the band play at festivals such as NZ’s Parachute Festival, Cornerstone Festival (U.S) and Spirit West Coast ‘08 (U.S). In New Zealand, the band has toured extensively with fellow patriots Mumsdollar, Arms Reach and All Left Out. Last year the band toured the U.S extensively with Tooth & Nail’s Showbread and The Glorious Unseen. On the back of their rigorous touring Your Eyes Light Up earned a New Zealand Music Award nomination for best Christian album.

The proverb says; make your plans, and God will direct your steps. For a band who’s vision has been so firmly fixed, the direction has been well steered. As a result of their first U.S tour, The Ember Days have joined forces with Come&Live (, a pioneering collective of musicians who have chosen to treat their art like their mission, giving their music away and donating profits to the needy. For a band like The Ember Days, the decision to go with the U.S-based ‘anti-label’ was a simple move to keep God, people and ultimately faith at the core of their vocation.

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Album Title Year Label
Your Eyes Light Up2007Someone Up There Records
The Ember Days EP2009Come&Live!
Finger Painting EP2010Come&Live!
More Than You Think2013Come&Live





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