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Mosh,Deathcore,Tuff Guy

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The Great Commission was born in 2008 when Angela Razo and Justin Singh disbanded Every Man For Himself in search of something more significant. The Great Commision has their roots in Redlands, CA where they are surrounded by the spiritual influence of bands like Sleeping Giant and xDeathstarx. However, the bands they look to for guidance aren't limited to their hometown. TGC draw musically from the bands they grew up listening to and mix the dynamics of these older, heavy, hardcore bands (including Point of Recognition, No Innocent Victim and Hatebreed) with the new school brutality of bands like Impending Doom and Acacia Strain. This combination is an essential quality that is winning fans of both new and old sounds. Playing with a six member line up, three guitarists and three full stacks, Angela, Justin, DJ, Christian, Alex and Rodney put on an intense live show. Says vocalist Justin Singh: "We play every single show like it's our last. For us this is more than just making music, this is our worship."

Angela Razo, guitar player and back-up vocalist for The Great Commission makes clear the purpose of the band: "Being a part of the hardcore scene for 8 years we have come to the realization that the scene is full of broken, angry, hateful kids that come from broken homes and dysfunctional families. We can speak to them from experience because we used to be those kids. We know their broken, hardened hearts can be healed and we use our music as a way to reach them."

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Album Title Year Label
And Every Knee Shall Bow2009Strike First Records
Firework - EP2012ANGR





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