The Joe


Underground Hip-Hop,Jazz Rap,Talk Music

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"My music is full of peanut butter and milk and gluten and pollen and dander and bee stings and a lot of people are allergic to it."

The Joe was not anything for a long time. There were parts of what he would be that were going off to high school and speaking languages like French and English and eating food and voting for politicians. Before that there were parts of what he would be pioneering western Canada and sailing boats to North America. Even before that and all along there were all these different parts of what The Joe would be one day that were busy having heated conversations about things that were happening long before The Joe happened. People then were concerned with many things they are concerned with now: stars, ethics, construction, health and well-being, spirituality, financial security, and what being a man means.

And then, one day like most other days, on a whim most likely, The Joe was created out of a malignant fraction of these many concerns and doings and topics of discussion blended thoughtlessly with the best sort of ignorance humans have: Sex.

Next things Next, The Joe found himself under the affectionate gaze of his Mother, Kimberly. The Joe likes the name Kimberly. The Joe's father looked like a lion or a member of Credence Clearwater Revival, a quasi-contemporary country rock band that existed twenty years before The Joe got begotted. His Father was a glass fitter and his Mother was a waitress. They made two more boys that look similar to The Joe but behave very differently and then they went their separate ways. Somewhere along the way The Joe had his circuits bent by God or a bully or a bohemian upbringing and he found himself looking for validation in some more tangible attention-earning ways.

One day it occurred to The Joe that he could see this validation come to fruition in a very tangible way: record sales! He started knocking on all the doors of his thoughts and connecting the words that sounded alike. All those conversations of his macro-ancestry became inexhaustible in their utility. He could gather and weave their meandering thoughts on stars, ethics, construction, health and well-being, spirituality, financial security, and what being a man means into elaborate 'rap' songs wherein the subject of focus was rhymed incessantly in it's verbose delivery, be it a lesson, a diatribe, or a dissertation. Ever since he has been busy collecting smiles and frowns and knowing glances on the bus. He has subliminally documented all those special occasions when he has been snubbed, overlooked, praised, over praised, and sold CD's, respectively. Every firm handshake builds his heart. It has all compiled into an ambient blend of bitterness, confidence, self respect, and most importantly, priceless validation.

The Joe doesn't foresee an end to this madness. He is always hungry.

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Album Title Year Label
Cool-School Geek-Rap Backpack Weird-Core The Mixtape2006Old Ugly Recording Co.
The Proletariat LP2006Indie Pool Canada Inc.
Ut Oh2009Old Ugly Recording Co.
PLAYFIGHT2010Old Ugly Recording Co.





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OLD UGLY Recording Co.

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