The Jox


Indie Folk,Electro-Pop,Dream Pop

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The story of how The Jox came to be is your basic story of boy meets girl. In this fairy tale, you won’t hear of mice that can sing, or gnomes that can dance, there are no glass slippers, no wicked witches…well none, that we would actually name. Formed almost by default on April 22nd, 2006 when the duo exchanged their vows, the two set out to change the world, as they knew it. Chasing their passions of filling the world with music that was lyrically thought provoking and music that was heart thrilling. Two years into their journey, The Jox released their 5 song EP entitled ‘Silly World’ which tickled the senses and spoke of the many relationships that make the world turn.

In describing their purpose for playing music The Jox have said this:

To play music is great, to be on the radio is fun, to do interviews, travel and live out of your car is priceless. But if we do all of this, and accomplish great things in the music industry it will be POINTLESS.

If we ourselves are not remembering our purpose,
getting our hands dirty,
doing our best to change the darkness that surrounds this present day.
And encourage others to stand beside us in our pursuit.
Then we will have failed....
not a fashion statement for us.

The Jox released their fist full length of dreamy indie folk, Tumble Weed, in April 2010.

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