The Rekoning


Punk,Hardcore,Garage Rock

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The Rekoning are a proud punk uprising taking their place on the Strike First roster among the raucous and rowdy spirits of the past.The three-piece from Riverside, California blasts out fist-pumping, old fashioned hardcore punk full of raw energy and melodic hooks.

After releasing their first E.P. in fall 2005, and playing with bands like U.S. Bombs, Flatfoot 56, Murphy's Law and Born to Lose, The Rekoning gained a reputation for their high-energy shows. Josh Northcott, Tommy "Gun" Hilmes and Shawn Montoya play full-bodied, explosive music inspired by a desire for unity. "We are just three friends who love to sing from the heart and have some fun doing it," says Josh Northcott "and if what we do plant a seed in the heart of just one person, you will see us with big smiles on our faces."

The Rekoning's The Road Less Traveled was released in early 2009.

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Road Less Traveled2009Strike First Records





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