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This Beautiful Republic first made headlines when pioneering EMI-owned Christian rock label ForeFront Records (dc Talk, tobyMac) chose the act as its first new signing in five years. The band’s debut album, Even Heroes Need a Parachute, charted the singles “Jesus to the World” and “Casting Off” and earned glowing reviews. called TBR “my vote for New Artist of 2007” while Christianity Today compared the band to Foo Fighters and estimated it was “capable of improving from good to great.”

Following the critical and commercial success of its 2007 debut, Even Heroes Need A Parachute, Ohio rock band This Beautiful Republic returned in 2008 with Perceptions, a new ForeFront Records/EMI album that clearly showcases the act’s increasing creative and spiritual strengths.

Lead singer Ben Olin explains, “The title deals with the idea that there are at least two sides to every story. Things inevitably appear different to each individual based on their experiences, predispositions, prejudices, or vantage point. When we understand this—that what we see may not be the whole truth—we arrive where grace and love prevail.”

Perceptions is an effort that decidedly goes to the extremes of modern rock and timeless worship. It was produced by Allen Salmon (MuteMath) and comes in the storied wake of This Beautiful Republic’s first two years of touring together as a major label act. The band shared stages with headliners Sanctus Real and Family Force 5 among others and traveled overseas for shows in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

“I think the overall toll that being in a band takes was underestimated by us. Until you’re doing it and seeing how it affects your friendships, relationships, your bank account, your physical health, and your mental health, you can’t really get a true grasp on it,” says Olin. “Yet at the same time, we never knew it would be so good. We’re so proud that we’re being allowed to do what we are doing right now. Perceptions is a huge step for us and a better representation of where we’re at as musicians.”

In 2011, the band announced that they had not played music together since September of 2011, and would no longer continue music as This Beautiful Republic.

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Album Title Year Label
The Casting Off EP2007ForeFront Records
Even Heroes Need A Parachute2007ForeFront Records
Learning To Fall EP2007ForeFront Records
Perceptions2008ForeFront Records
Covers EP2011Independent





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