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Metalcore,Post-Hardcore,Melodic Hardcore

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Through Solace knows that the antidote to long roads and sleepless nights is a solid soundtrack of classic records that define modern hard music. On their tours across the UK, Europe and North America, records such as Shai Hulud's Hearts Once Nourished and Poison the Well's Opposite of December became more than entertainment as five guys from Wales sped along the world's highways. "We learned lessons from early metalcore that our sound-alike peers in the genre have been quick to forget. We wanted to do something that had a history and would last, rather than just being part of a trend."

Comprised of a writer, a political Press Officer, a supermarket clerk, body builder and bar tender, Through Solace live up to the reputation as a band Terrorizer Magazine acclaimed for their "rare sense of individuality." The band employs a mix of melodic and metallic hardcore that is nostalgic to fans of Beloved and Blindside. Combined influences from South Wales neighbors Funeral For a Friend and early Poison the Well lend their effect while denizens of intelligent hardcore fans will find comfort in the atmospheric layers and melodic passages a la Misery Signals and Satellite Years-era Hopesfall.

Through Solace has been climbing the DIY ladder in their native South Wales since 2005, and doing it the old fashioned way has paid off for the 5 piece from Newport & Barry. After self-releasing their first EP An Innocent Confession and booking tours and festivals throughout UK and Europe to promote it, they caught the eyes of labels and zines alike. Establishing their potential early on and benefiting from a steadfast integrity, Through Solace's sound has since matured into a more intelligent, melodic and technical brand of hardcore.

In 2007 they signed their first deal and released The Stand which ultimately brought their sound to the US and into the hands of Strike First Records. The Stand has garnered many accolades for Through Solace, being touted as "one of the most assured, exciting proponents of metalcore in the UK at the moment" and "sure-fire potential stars of the future." Their sound has been described as "powerful and effortlessly crushing...absolutely colossal."

Through Solace is a band that understands and respects where their music comes from, and cares deeply about keeping those roots alive.  Their US debut, The World On Standby, was released in April of 2009.

In 2011, the band announced that they were done.
It's a new year and TS has run its course. Thanks to everyone who came to see us, whether in Wales, the United States or Europe. We had a great time.


Album Title Year Label
The Stand2008Holdfast Records
The World on Standby2009Strike First Records




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