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Most widely known as the harpist collaborator with mewithoutYou and Anathallo, Timbre’s solo project is a distinctly unique musical experience. She combines the sounds of harp with a gentle soprano voice, often joined by her band mostly made up of family members on piano, cello, vibraphones, drums and even a choir to create a moving and ethereal sound. On tour she travels with drums, guitar, fiddle, accordian, bells, bass, flute, oboe, and a lush mixture of other instruments. Her live performances are always met with an awed hush, whether it be in front of thousands of people at a festival, or in a music venue or a bar, and is most often described as breath-taking and enchanting.

Recently brought into wider public recognition through her original contributions to mewithoutYou's new album, Brother...Sister, Timbre has been making her unique mark on today's musical world. First introduced through her work on Cool Hand Luke's The Fires of Life, Timbre has continued to bring her unique sound to the music of many bands, including mewithoutYou, Anathallo, Forget Cassettes, Foxhole, Aireline, Umbrella Tree, Hundred Year Storm, Bradley Hathaway, and many more.

The music of Timbre immediately strikes the listener as something quite unique, combining the uncommon sound of the harp with an almost classical or Celtic voice. This union of gently flowing music and warm melodies has been described as haunting, peaceful, and even enchanting. Drawing from a wealth of classical education and modern influences such as Sigur Ros and Radiohead, Timbre has brought together genres in an ambient and innovational fusion.

With an impressive history on her instrument, Timbre proves that a classical education can bring a truly unique and cultured sound to modern music. She has won competitions on the harp throughout her career including a Curb Sponsored Concerto Competition for the Nashville Symphony. She has also been invited to sing in composer Eric Whitacre's vocal ensemble for his Carnegie Hall premiere in April of 2010.

Timbre's first full length record, Winter Comes to Wake You, boasts a lush instrumentation, including a full choir, drums, a handbell choir, oboe, french horn, toy piano,and vibraphone, in addition to the consistent ensemble of harp, cello, piano, and orchestra bells. Each of Timbre's siblings contributes both instrumentally and vocally on this wonderfully ambitious album.

The ethereal mix of the rich sounds of the harp with Timbre’s uniquely delicate voice brings a sense of hope, reminding the listener that music can bring peace to the soul as few words can.

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Winter Comes to Wake You2008Independent
Silent Night2011Independent





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