To Speak of Wolves


Metalcore,Melodic Hardcore,Screamo

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To Speak of Wolves are a post-metalcore/metalcore band from Greensboro, NC, United States.

To Speak Of Wolves drummer Phil Chamberlain is the former drummer for Sullivan (Tooth & Nail), who sold close to 20,000 albums in their short career. Phil started out playing in bands with his younger brother, who is now the singer for Underoath.

"To Speak Of Wolves came together after our old bands broke up around the same time," he explains. "Matt [Goldfarb, Guitar] and I had always wanted to play music together, but couldn't because we were always in different bands. So when our bands broke up last year, Matt moved into my apartment and we just started writing songs. When it came down to looking for a band, we got together with some dudes from bands we knew that had broken up recently who were all good guys and great musicians."

To Speak Of Wolves have released one EP called Following Voices through Tragic Hero Records in early 2009.

In early 2010, the band announced that they had signed on with Solid State Records and released Myself< Letting Go in the summer of the same year.

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Album Title Year Label
Following Voices EP2009Tragic Hero Records
Myself < Letting Go2010Solid State Records
Find Your Worth Come Home2012Solid State Records




North Carolina

United States

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Solid State Records

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