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UGLYTWIN (formally The Brigade) is a four piece metalcore band from Austin Texas. The band began in 2008 as idea and has grown into a full on force to deal with. Pooling their influences ranging from late 90s metalcore to chaos metal and southern hardcore, UGLYTWIN’s sound has become one that is distinctly theirs, and increasingly hard to categorize or pin down. Their music is passionate, hard, and unpredictable, with each new song an attempt stretch creatively and find the balance between brutality and hope.

Lyrically, vocalist Ian Harvey focuses on being truly honest with who the band is as people. “Faith is a huge part of what we do, all of the members of the band believe in Christ, and we are not afraid to open about that. We don’t see ourselves as a ministry band and in fact some of the subjects in our music may offend believers along with people who don’t share our faith alike. I don’t like to hold back when I feel like something needs to be said, and I can only be passionate about we I truly believe to be truth, and what I truly think isn’t right.”

But there is another side to UGLYTWIN’s message. “I believe that everybody is down here on Earth struggling with the same pain and trials and joy as everybody else. My hope is that people are able to read the lyrics to our songs and realize that while there is defiantly something wrong around us, that there is hope at the end of the day. We are here together, so none of us can look down on each other for struggling. Lets acknowledge the wrongs and move forward”

UGLYTWIN is not a band on its own. It is made up of the friends, family, enemies, and spectators in the individual member’s lives that brought them to this band and allowed them to create this brutal expression of that experience. Every note was crafted to to break something down, so hopefully something else could take its place and allow those who are willing to move forward.

The story of the band called UGLYTWIN is still new, but if you are reading this right now, you are part of that story.

You are UGLYTWIN, this music and this voice is yours.

Welcome to UGLYTWIN

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