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In the hardcore scene today, hate runs rampant. Not only is negativity ignored, it seems often to be encouraged by bands and crowds alike. Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Venia has a positive, multi-faceted message that stands in stark contrast to the hateful nature of many of their hardcore contemporaries.

Venia began playing shows in early 2007, self-releasing their debut EP in March of that year. In the Fall of 2007, they began to write their first full length, while balancing school and work with their ever-growing show schedule. In January of 2008, Venia recorded ten heartfelt and thoughtful tracks now known as their debut album Convictions (released by the band in May of 2008). Soon after,Venia began touring full-time as well, taking their message of hope coast-to-coast.

With Convictions, Venia tackles head on many issues they see in the world. Their powerful message recalls the heyday of "Spirit-filled hardcore" and sits at the center of all they do. As Venia continues to tour throughout 2008 and into 2009 they will also prepare for their next full length, this time for Blood & Ink Records.

Venia entered Studiotte (Comeback Kid, Saints Never Surrender, La Dispute) in Grand Rapids, Michigan during early 2009 to record their next effort, Frozen Hands. Packing their characteristic punch, the album also demonstrates Venia's constant progression as musicians, resulting in a pummeling, yet thought-provoking release with thematic threads running throughout the lyrics.

Venia are clearly a refreshing voice in a hardcore scene desperate for change.

In 2012, despite becoming one of the most well-respected names in faith-based hardcore, the band posted the following on their Facebook page:
We are breaking up. Our final show ever will be May 20th @ The Beat in Minneapolis w/ Cold World. If you can make it out from wherever you are, please do .We would love as many friends to be there as possible. Thanks for everything.

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Album Title Year Label
Convictions2008Blood & Ink Records
Frozen Hands2009Blood & Ink Records





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