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Wavorly is a five-piece Alternative Rock/Pop band from Tupelo, MS. Securing a deal with now defunct Flicker Records (Sony BMG) in late 2006, Wavorly hit the ground running, playing over 350 shows within the next two years alone, including national tours with notable headlining bands Pillar, Disciple, and Project 86, as well as playing before thousands on many summer festivals. Drawing inspiration from the relationships and life experiences that had gotten them through college, Wavorly's first album, Conquering the Fear of Flight went on to sale approximately 25, 000 copies and garner two christian rock format number one singles; "Part One" and "Madmen." After receiving the disheartening news about their label, Wavorly decided to continue touring and began writing songs with a new musical direction, scrapping what would have been the follow-up to Conquering… Allied with their loyal and very patient fanbase, Wavorly is set to take the next stage of the band head-on with new music and a very impressive live show that refuses to let the audience down with its authentic and magnetic brand of musicality.

In late 2012, the band announced their disbandment:
It’s true, we in Wavorly have decided to call it a day. There is no horrible conflict or crazy drama between us all, we just had to finally accept things as they were and face the truth in front of us. In May of this year, we did a tour with our brothers in The Wedding, Satellites & Sirens, and Pioneer, as well as accidentally bringing along the worst touring buddy you can ever have: Bitter Reality. The shows were very poorly attended (like…10 people if we were lucky), poorly promoted, and were a good indicator of how far we had gone from the days of being able to support ourselves and our families with a touring lifestyle. We all came home from a three and a half week tour and had to immediately go back to our day jobs with nothing to show from our tour…we had pretty much just taken a month off to ride around the country and throw money out the window. Don’t get me wrong, we were never rolling in the ’stacks, but for a long time we had been blessed to easily support ourselves through touring and have side jobs as a necessary evil to fight boredom at home and get extra spending money. As time has passed and we’ve gotten married, garnered pets, and started new lives in new places, we’ve seen the music industry as a whole do its world-class impression of the Titanic and seen our band coast off one proper full-length record for the better part of 5 years (we’re meticulously scouring the Guiness Book of World Records to see if we have one…we’ll keep you updated.) All this to say…we just couldn’t afford to support ourselves through touring as Wavorly anymore.

As far as new music goes, we’ve proven to not be able to make good on our word to deliver new music to you guys, you who have stood faithfully by us as fans despite our consistent delays. Please accept our apology…there’s just nothing that can be done at this point. We kicked around the idea of doing a kickstarter…but we ended up agreeing that no one needs ANOTHER band asking for more money to fund another album. We truly thought we’d have something new out by now, but it just didn’t work out that way. It’s been a big disappointment not only to you, but to us as well. We were kinda hoping that whole apocalypse thing would work out so that we wouldn’t be the guys with egg on our faces…but here we are, and again, we’re sorry. Maybe some of the songs will see the light of day in one form or another, but only time will tell.

We can’t tell you enough how thankful we are as a band to have been able to spend such a great part of our lives traveling the country and playing music in front of all of you fine folks…words just aren’t enough. We’ve seen God prove Himself faithful to us despite our faithlessness, doubt, and worries and gotten to hear all about how songs written from our own stories have affected your stories and even meant something to you. That is something to treasure, and I think it always proves to be the best part of being in a band…seeing how music truly is a universal language that can reach anyone. It’s something special, for sure.

Well…I guess that’s about it for this little farewell.

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