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While it’s common practice in rock bios to liken an act to something familiar, it’s hard to do that with San Diego’s We Shot the Moon. That’s because it’s virtually impossible to compare them to any other band out there…not for more than a track or two, at least. We Shot the Moon--led by former Waking Ashland front man Jonathan Jones--is a piano-heavy indie rock five-piece. On September 29, the band releases its infectious sophomore LP, A Silver Lining, the follow-up to 2008’s Fear and Love, on Minneapolis-based label Afternoon Records.

But if you require a description of the band before reading more about We Shot the Moon, let’s just say that A Silver Lining possesses shades of Jack’s Mannequin, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Muse, and Weezer. According to Jones, the band specializes in “quirky rock” that’s layered, thick, and replete with ambient noise, and it’s for that reason “we fall through the cracks, which I think, ultimately, is a good thing. We don’t fit in to the the super-indie hipster crowd. We’re not gimmicky--we’re real, we hit wrong notes live and that’s ok.”

Born not long after the death of Jones’ previous band, Waking Ashland, which dissolved amid internal strife and struggle, We Shot the Moon ended what was four months of musical limbo for Jones. “I was working this terrible pizza delivery job, and I was literally washing dishes when I got this call from my friend [Sherwood’s] Dan [Koch], and he asked me what I was doing, so I told him…‘Well, I’m washing dishes, Dan,’” recalls Jones. But Koch told him he shouldn’t be driving large pies all around town, because he wasn’t done playing music.

“Dan really inspired me to start writing songs again, and that’s basically how the band was formed,” Jones says. He added various players to the band’s ranks, including drummer Trevor Faris, with whom he’d had plans to start a band with before Waking Ashland took shape, and, just to make sure he didn’t back out, bought a 15-passenger van. “I knew if I bought a van, I would have to do it,” he says. “So I did and I haven’t looked back since.”

Last year, We Shot the Moon played more than 300 live dates, and Jones says they’ll play 365 this year if they must, because A Silver Lining is an album they’re just itching to rip through onstage. This fall, they’ll be headlining a run of shows with support from Mansions and The Record Life on the West Coast and Lights Resolve and Destry on the East Coast.

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Album Title Year Label
Fear and Love2008The Militia Group
A Silver Lining2009Afternoon Records
We Are All Odd EP2012Independent



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