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Fans and critics who know David Eugene Edwards are perpetually fascinated with the way he handles the delicate, sometimes impossibly fragile, balance that sits at the heart of his music.  Wovenhand draws sustenance from the fire and brimstone Christianity that America's heartland embraces. This faith relates to spiritual struggle, prayer and thanksgiving without self-consciousness or irony, and Wovenhand's music is baptized with intense, dynamic shifts that reflect the battle of inner striving. At the same time, his music flows freely into other traditions (angry punk, rock and folk) ones that Christians often reject as evil.

Since his days with Sixteen Horsepower, David Eugene Edwards, has led his fans,  into the deep, dark center of Christian music.  The characters in Wovenhand's songs vividly wrestle with temptation and confront their own selves face to face and realize their rescue comes from above.  In Wovehand's world groaning organs and banjos and bass drums drone on through the march into, and out of, the dark side.
The Wovenhand website describes their sound as music from the old world, the new world and another world.
Wovenhand’s music has been described as creepy, intensive, Appalachian, gothic, folk, chilling, compelling, brave, unique, beautiful, and mesmerizing.  It is all of that.  But Wovenhand songs are also filled with truth and hope as in this lyric from Ten Stone’s “Quiet Nights of the Quiet Stars”, -”I who was lost and lonely, believing life was only a bitter tragic joke/Have found with you the meaning of existence, oh my love."

David Eugene Edwards, whom NPR described as an artist with a fresh ear, rails against Christianity gone astray. “The church that I grew up in was a Nazarene church, which started in Texas in the ’30s. Women couldn’t wear makeup, they didn’t wear pants, you couldn’t wear red, you couldn’t go to the movies, you couldn’t drink, you couldn’t play cards-all these rules that man makes up out of fear of losing his salvation, basically. And each different denomination has its own set of rules that it lives by, which has brought me to the point where I don’t belong to any organized religion. And I don’t believe in any of them, although I do believe in the true church, and I believe in the Bible, what man has tried to make of it for his own purposes, I want nothing to do with.”

Wovenhand started as a solo project for David Eugene Edwards but has evolved into a full touring band consisting of Ordy Garrison (drums), Peter van Laerhoven from Belgium (guitar) and former 16 Horsepower member Pascal Humbert (bass) from France.  Wovenhand's orchestration is much more dense with the heavy use of a mellotron, banjos, super bass drums, stings and sound samples.

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Album Title Year Label
Woven Hand2002Sounds Familyre
Blush Music2003Sounds Familyre
Blush2003Sounds Familyre
CONSIDER THE BIRDS2004Sounds Familyre
Puur2006Glitterhouse Records
Mosaic2006Sounds Familyre
Ten Stones2008Sounds Familyre
The Threshingfloor2010Sounds Familyre
Black Of The Ink 2011Glitterhouse Records
Live at Roepaen2012Glitterhouse Records





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Sounds Familyre

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