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Before now, "write this down" was just a phrase people threw around. But after the world gets a hold of the debut album from Write This Down -- the band -- it'll stand for something else entirely.

Remember the first time you heard Brand New, Foo Fighters, Taking Back Sunday, or Underoath? Remember that primal urgency that drove Rage Against The Machine? Get ready to feel it again.

An intense power-trio equal parts dirty rock riffery and soaring, bombastic melodies, Write This Down stands poised to turn the modern rock world on its head with scene-bred and radio rock schooled emotional power steeped in faith and hopefulness. "We play a lot of heavier shows, but we're the one band that stands up there and does harmonies," explains guitarist Nate Rockwell.

Rockwell's diverse guitar, Chad Nichols' powerful drumming and Johnny Collier's powerfully anthemic and alternately personally reflective vocals: that's what you get with Write This Down, the layers of instrumentation being stripped away in favor of layers of harmony and thoughtful dynamics.

When it's all said and done, they want to be remembered for what mattered. "We're a band that gives it everything," Rockwell summarizes. "We try to make every show better than the last."

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Album Title Year Label
Alarm the Alarm EP2007Independent
Write This Down EP2007Independent
Write This DownTooth & Nail Records2010
Lost Weekend2012Tooth & Nail Records





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