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"Music is called "the universal Language" because of its ability to cross almost every social and political barrier. Music is a spiritual language that can reach beyond the intellect to touch the heart. Those who know this "universal language" have a powerful weapon in the war for the hearts of men. The Lord is calling forth an army of musical warriors who will be used like spiritual artillery to bombard some of the enemy's greatest strong-holds, such as racism, drugs, pornography and spiritualism. The Lord is going to anoint songs that attack these strongholds and their message will start becoming popular across society.

Some of God's minstrels will become crossover artists who will reach secular audiences. The Lord is going to give the youth alternative role models to the popular, yet morally degenerate, stars of pop music. It is important that these minstrels not look religious or talk "religionese". Neither should they copy the world's style. These singers and musicians are true evangelists who are called just to sow seeds that others will reap."
-Rick Joyner

Admittedly, Wut Metaphysical's vision is a stray from your normal hip hop kid. He'd probably rather do a show at an orphanage than open for a big name. Bling, thug glorification, and simplemindedness are probably the last thing he would ever spit about, unless he were cursing it. Wut Metaphysical started with a djembe and a group of emcees on the streets of St. Louis in 2001.

Together with the poets now known as Dead Republic, they made peace and respect with the hip hop community in battles and cyphers. Wut has toured both coasts and even toured South America in 2005 through his affiliation as part of hip hop crew Shadow of the Locust. Visiting dangerous slums as well as putting together huge shows in the middle of Brazil's impoverished streets and orphanages, there is no room for false pride.

Wut Metaphysical also became a published author in 2005. In 2006 he dropped his debut album Last of the Metaphysical Poets independently. Although he had a few offers from minor labels, he wanted to put out a product that was completely his from front to back to ensure honesty and purity in his music.

Wut Metaphysical is definitely hip hop, but something about his style seems to pull fans from every classification: punk, hardcore, straight edgers, hip hop fans, and everyone else in between. His steelo bear hugs fans. There are those who float down stream and then there are true artists.

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Album Title Year Label
Last of the Metaphysical Poets2006Independent
Lay Down the Law2010Reverse Murder Media





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