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With a decade under her belt in creative circles, Yancy’s fingerprints have found their way onto a variety of projects that suggests she has an insatiable appetite to explore, while serving as an ingenious study in contrasts along the way. Just comb through Yancy’s credits to find her exploring a series of pop/rock releases, a Christmas collection and a kids’ CD with companion DVD, alongside tour dates with everyone from Newsboys to Mute Math, 4Him and Nichole Nordeman.

On the writing side of the coin, Yancy’s teamed up with Third Day’s Mac Powell, co-penned Avalon’s chart topping “I Don’t Want To Go” (off the Grammy nominated Oxygen album) and Jaci Velesquez’s acclaimed “Something Beautiful,” while still finding the time to compose two devotional books for worship leaders and musicians, plus launching a father/daughter speaking event with her dad/veteran minister Jim Wideman. Add in five years as a staff worship leader conducting services for every age group imaginable and still finding time to minister to pre-teens, teens and young adults. Yancy’s literally run the entire gamut of enthusiastic diversification.

There's a richness that can be found only in complexity. Like the complex flavors underneath the cracked crust of a crème brulée or the subtle layers of a Mozart symphony. And yet, there's a simplicity to these things at the same time, an emotional connection that lends immediacy.

Yancy is an artist as richly complex and immediately simple as a mountain sunrise. As a singer, Yancy has matured over her ten-year career to become a seasoned veteran both prominent on the live stage or tucked away behind the studio microphone. Her soaring, confident vocals are unique to herself, but a close listen will uncover traces of Sheryl Crow, Amy Grant, and Martina McBride lurking in the corners.

As a performer, Yancy has shared the stage with some of the music industry's brightest stars, a list that includes Nichole Nordeman, MuteMath, Newsboys, 4Him, Sonic Flood, and many others. Yancy's also earned a veritable mountain of awards, like The Gospel Music Association's Spotlight Competition champion, as well as placement in the Top 25 Independent Christian Artists and the title of "Best Mystery Artist" in a recent fan vote on WordRecords.com.

While performing is what propelled Yancy to the stage, her innate knack for songwriting keeps her there. After writing her first song as a teenager, Yancy has honed her skill like a master craftsman, melding both the lyrical and musical worlds into a singular whole like only she can.

There's yet a third layer to Yancy's composition as an artist, the engine that drives her writing and performing career: leading worship. Yancy spent five years at Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a congregational worship leader, overseeing worship in a variety of areas and for a multitude of age groups. From elementary ministry to youth to young adults to the main worship staff, Yancy has the distinctive skill to lead all ages in worship, which led to her most recent album, a worship album for preteens and kids called Rock-N-Happy Heart that also features a companion DVD.

With her vast experience both inside and out of the worship arena, Yancy has a matchless perspective on the musical and spiritual processes of worship. This viewpoint allows her to offer worship team training and mentoring both to individual leaders and to entire worship teams. Yancy lends her experience and keen musical ear to help worship teams reach their specific congregations with ever-deepening encounters with God.

At once simple and complex, at once rich and subtle, Yancy is an artist who defies categorization and who refuses to be pigeonholed. Her goal is simple: to make good music that glorifies God and that reaches the audience she's standing in front of. Simple. Complex. Two words that fully describe the one and only Yancy.

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Album Title Year Label
6.5 Stories2000Independent
Adeline Street2003Independent
Beautiful Sound2004Independent
Loud & Clear!2006Independent
Rock-N-Happy Heart2008Independent
Rock-N-Happy Dance Party Remix2009Independent
Have A Fancy Yancy Christmas2009Independent
Stars, Guitars and Megaphone Dreams2010Pure Blue Records





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